One Word Story

One: the lowest cardinal number used to refer to a single entity.

The rules of this classic improv game are simple. Sit in a circle with friends or family and tell a coherent story ONE word at a time. Sounds easy, right? Well, it's harder than it seems.
You might have a really fantastic idea where things should be headed, but you must accept what you are given and build on it, even if it's a word that takes the story in an unexpected direction. Because you can’t know what the person before you is going to say, there is no way to pre-plan. It is the ultimate spontaneous collaboration exercise.
Remember, the primary goal is to make sense without taking long pauses to think. Even a short word like “is” or “a” counts as a turn. If anyone says more than one word in a turn, the game is over. Start again.

Here’s a first sentence by my creative students:

One word told lt blue

Variation: Players decide on the story genre ahead of time. Ex: Fairy Tale, Ghost Story, Romance

Here’s the beginning of a fairy tale by my creative students:

One word fairy tale lt blue

Have each player write words on slips of paper and place them in a hat. At the start of the game, the first player picks the starting word. Below are words suggested by my students:one word starters blue


Pick two or three random words that must be included in your story. But don’t forget the primary goal— The story must make sense!

Once you’ve played One Word Story you will really appreciate the skills of these master improv performers from Whose Line is It Anyway.

And now some street art...

4 new sharkStreet Art in Detroit

Thinking out of the Box no background

We are human. We are creative.

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