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Travis animation monster cropTravis Animating "Oops"

A childhood running wild in rural New Mexico allowed my imagination to flourish. My earliest memories include tubing on the muddy Animas River, climbing rattlesnake infested cliffs and building elaborate forts with secret leafy entrances.
After earning degrees in education and psychology, I saw the lack of right brain stimulation in schools and developed a creative expression curriculum. Thirty years teaching imaginative students inspired my own multi-faceted creativity. 

    •    Writing: A recipient of a generous Marin Arts Council Grant for writing, I am also a long-standing member of SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.) To inspire reluctant readers in my classroom I created a Middle Grade series, Magic Tales, and completed four books: The Collar of Knowledge, The Giving Comb, Centaurville and The Frog Princess. Struck by the increasing numbers of homeless youth in San Francisco, I wrote a YA novel, Castoff.  I am now hard at work on the sequel, Unshackled

    •    Improv: I studied improv with Jim Cranna, original member of The Committee and National Theatre of the Deranged. I performed in Stage Left, an innovative improv group that also featured scripted scenes and stop-action animation. Once I was murdered in an interactive mystery party with Greg Proops, from Whose Line Is It Anyway. I continue to practice the craft in classrooms, workshops and life.
    •    Animation: Madison Avenue Journal praised my “visually appealing” stop-action animation. My award-winning short, Oops! (filmed on my kitchen table), was screened at the 50th San Francisco International Film Festival, as well as the Live Earth concerts in eleven locations around the world. 
    •    Contests: I’ve won over $200,000 in writing and video contests. The most satisfying was grand prize in a nationwide search for women with outstanding creative expression.

Travis fixed taller towerA Few of the Many Faces of Travis Darcy by Her Students

I hope my website will provide inspiration to think outside the box.

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We are human. We are creative.